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My control room is equipped with a range of high quality valve and solid-state pre-amps, plus a powerful i7 digital audio workstation, with a wide range of state of the art software. This studio is ideal for acoustic ensembles, drum tracking, guitar and vocal overdubs, or voice-overs, but can also accommodate full bands.

The main control room is equipped with a 56 channel Amek Recall console, with 12 Neve channels, plus a wide range of high quality analogue processing. This studio also benefits from a window into the studios' live room for better communication.

Both control rooms are wired to the studios shared live room, and also to both guitar amp isolation booths. The live room has a real wood floating floor, sloping ceiling, and an asymmetric design with no parallel walls: it sounds great!

We have a large selection of classic and modern guitar amplifiers here at The Laundry Rooms. A high quality Radial line driver system allows us to mic the backline in the live room or the isolation booths while playing in the control room, and we can re-amp guitars afterwards to create the perfect sound for each song.

A great recording studio starts with the building itself: all studios at The Laundry Rooms are purpose built, with floating floors, sloping ceilings, no parallel walls and extensive acoustic treatment.

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I offer recording, mixing and mastering services. Get in touch to discuss pricing and availability.